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Moving On Up

Transition into High School

Transition to high school workshop for girlsYounger girls are struggling at an unprecedented rate and prevention is better than cure. Assisting girls to honor themselves, their bodies and each other is central to raising healthy self esteem and bringing cohesion and connectedness to a year group.

This group of workshops have been developed specifically for years 6 and 7.

Fantastic, Fabulous Friends


Friendships are paramount to girls at this age and stage. Learning to establish boundaries as well as dealing with conflict and bullying will assist them with their friendships now and into their future. Topics include: Mean girls, social media, gossip, resilience, forgiveness, healing your heart, un/healthy relationships, role-plays (bully, assistant bully, bystander, target, defender) and the power these roles haveto impact on each other.

Star Sistas

Connecting and expanding friendships

Friendship workshop for girlsGirls want to connect with each other and as they head into High school, they often want to extend their friendships circles with new girls who may join the school. This workshop pairs the girls up differently and then together they make a special take away gift for each other. Learning more about each other and making something for each other will help build compassion, connection, altruism and helpthem see each other in a new light. .

Plate of Happiness

Positive Psychology, PERMA, Happiness

The field of Positive Psychology has highlighted happiness and flourishing in an obtainable and understandable way. This workshop focuses on what makes us happy, how moods effect and can change our sense of happiness and tips on gratitude and overcoming obstacles. The girls make a plate of what makes them happy to showcase within the school. As well as a special take away gratitude gift to remind them of the power of themselves.

Body of Mine


Puberty and body changes workshop for girls | AustraliaGirls bodies go through a tremendous amount of change as a teenager and it can be confusing and embarrassing for some girls. This workshop explores these changes and provides a forum for open discussion. Puberty and self care, are all respectfully and openly discussed.

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