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Parent Nights

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Who is the fairest of them all?" - Teen Girls in Australia

Parents and teachers workshop on teenage girls | Australia

Inspire’s Parent Night offers an insight into the world that girls live in and is suitable for parents, carers and teachers.

Media and culture place enormous pressure on girls to be a certain way, and as adults we need to be aware of how girls are feeling and what they are often doing to achieve this unrealistic ideal. The presenter - Jane Higgins, CEO of Inspire for Girls - will also discuss what the workshops cover so adults can reinforce the messages covered by the program and continue the dialogue with their daughter.

Strategies, tools and information on how to assist girls through this stage will also be offered as well as time for questions.



(Names removed for confidentiality.)


Thanks Jane. Tonight was really informative and really appreciate the resource recommendations we will defiantly follow up on some of these – It’s a good reality check – We forget the basics sometimes.


This was fabulous!


The program was really well presented. The information was important, topical and very relevant. Showing up the apps was helpful. You’ve provided me with food for thought–Although I don’t have younger children this would have been helpful years ago.


A great deal to think about and remember. Great insights – Wonderful info to be able to use with my year 8 daughter as well. Very powerful – Thank you Jane and the school for providing this great opportunity.


This is a must for parents as well as students – Great fun presenter!


Very informative and useful. Lots of food for thought. Important for us to know what was discussed with our children so that we can also participate in the learning.


Really worthwhile – I needed tissues.

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