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Feedback from Students And Teachers

Student Feedback

From Students

Teenage girls around the country love Inspire for Girls. We treasure their feedback and it both encourages us to continue this important work and informs the ongoing development of our content and delivery.

Names have been omitted for confidentiality.

I loved how energized and funny you were – I learnt we are beautiful in everyway, society [media] is harmful and untruthful, we are You-nique – You are so damn inspirational and are amazing and yummy and have taught me to love myself more.
I loved everything about this workshop – Sparkles has taught me so much and I will always remember it – I learnt everyone gets photoshopped, its good to be different and we are all beautiful – Thank you Sparkles for being such an inspiration I will remember this day forever! ❤️
I loved the talks and honesty – I learnt to appreciate myself more, how to know if someone likes you and to be yourself – You are an amazing egg and keep doing what you are doing.
I loved everything – I learnt you don’t need to look like a model to be loved, you shouldn’t look at yourself badly and everyone is beautiful – Thank you so much for teaching me such great life lessons.
I loved how inspiring and real it was – I learnt everyone is unique in their own way, the legal age to have sex and that women abuse men too – You are amazing, beautiful and inspiring – I love you so much Sparkles – You are awesome too xoxox
I adore you and you're one of the women I look up to – I loved everything and I learnt I am beautiful, loved and important.
I learnt about friendships, body image and celebrating differences – Thank you so much - I loved everything.
I loved the authenticity and the love she showed – I learnt I need to respect myself, everyone is different and don’t believe what you see on the internet – Keep doing what you are doing – Stay happy!
I loved that we got to work as a group and have fun – I learnt we are beautiful and loved and special – You're the best and I hope to see you again.
I loved that the workshops were interactive, fun and creative – I learnt how the media twists things, body image and we are all perfect and how we can support one another - Honestly – you are amazing ❤️
I love the empowerment – I learnt I am beautiful, unique and strong – We all appreciate you coming out today!
I loved that we all got to hang out together and show we're all equal and thing the same – I learnt I am beautiful, my friends think more of me that I thought and no body is perfect – Thank you so much for this. I am glad you do this otherwise not many girls would ever feel good about themselves.
Educator Feedback
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