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Inspiring Workshops for Adolescent Girls

Every girl has the right to happiness, self-respect, good friendships, positive relationships and high self-esteem.

Girls are surrounded by messages and a culture that dictates they must be thin, pretty and "hot" to have value. We work with your girls to challenge and deconstruct this narrative, providing them with skills and tools to question these narrow definitions of worth and build new, healthier definitions of true beauty. Such definitions aren't based on how they look or dress or how the boys perceive them but instead they are found on the unique personality and qualities of each and every girl.

This recognition of each girl's individual beauty is nurtured by a supporting environment of respectful peers. Girl’s friendships are of paramount importance especially during adolescence. Unfortunately, school life can be peppered with conflict between girls, disrespect, rumours, gossip and exclusion which has negative consequences for the school, the girls and their relationships. We will work with your girls so they can have positive friendships by learning about healthy boundaries, respectful relationships, and how to foster an environment of inclusions and compassion where each girl feels valued, seen and respected. They also learn how to safely navigate social media and digital landscape, and how to maintain good mental health.

Inspire For Girls program aims to help every girl become bright, empowered, confident and inspired young woman through our range of unique workshops. The many different pathways within the program are designed to not only develop girls individually, but also to ensure that the whole year level and school are a community of like-minded individuals who care for one another's well-being and enrich school culture through fostering attitudes of respect, inclusion, compassion and positivity.

About Us Teenage Girls Program Australia

Looking for an amazing day for both your girls? (And boys too?) Contact us for more information.

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