Workshops are generally 60 minutes in duration but can be adapted to suit the needs of your school and girls. A typical day will allow for 4-5 workshops. Timetable can be adjusted to to suit your school’s break times – please contact us for an example.


Smiley girlI am not a label – Self esteem and body image

Girls are so much more than a label, number or a size. However the media and today’s culture instruct girls on how they should look, behave and feel and girls feel under immense pressure to conform to this unrealistic ideal. This workshop unpacks these messages and finds alternatives to the narrow definition of beauty and exposes media’s tricks and hidden agendas so girls can celebrate being a real girl and not a label.

Empowering and Inspiring.


Four girlfriends near graffiti wall.Let’s be friends – Respectful relationships

Friendships for adolescent girls plays an enormous part of their lives and can be responsible for how a girl feels about herself and whether she fits in or feels accepted. Exclusion, gossip and rumours (on line, face to face or covertly) all have the power to undermine positive connections between girls. This workshop explores what a healthy friendship looks and feels like, how to foster an inclusive culture, what to do when things go wrong and what each girl has to offer another.

A must for schools with friendship issues.


happy smiling faces with white teethYou-nique

Each of us is unique and special but girls often don’t feel this way. This workshop offers tips and tools, drawn from Positive Psychology, to work towards achieving a sense of Flourishing. We will explore and identify the uniqueness of each girl and celebrate what it is that makes them who they are. We also offer the girls an alternative to today’s media and celebrity role models by introducing them to our role models who are women of substance, vision and action.

A special takeaway gift is made with the girls during this workshop. – All quality resources supplied.


Group Of Teenage Friends Having Piggyback Rides In Autumn LandscapeBoys, Boys, Boys – Healthy relationships

Boys also feel under pressure to conform to an ideal and this workshop assists girls to find out more about how boys think, feel and why they behave the way they do. Both boys and girls want to have close relationships and this workshop explores what a respectful relationship looks and feels like as well as what the warning signs of a disrespectful relationship and boundaries. Also discussed are the myths that surround relationships, sexting and dangerous Apps.

Age appropriate content delivered.


Complementary workshop titled Girls, Girls, Girls can also be offered for the boys.

Hispanic girl signaling to stopBack Off – Self Protection

Prevention is better than cure and girls can be taught how to stand strong just from learning a few strategies that may assist them to repel danger should it come their way. Trusting ones instinct, safety Apps, cyber safety and safe partying are some of the topics discussed. This workshop explores the reality of being a girl and some of the dangers that they may face growing up as well as conflict resolution and self care when they find themselves in a difficult situation.

Very practical strategies and tools.


My Shout photo Depositphotos_5972708_mMy Shout – Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are often seen as a rites of passage into adulthood. They have become so imbedded into the culture that the messages they sell can be intoxicating. The fast changing landscape of drugs and alcohol means teens are often misinformed and need up to date information in which to make healthy decisions for themselves. This workshop explores, educates and informs girls of the dangers and the reality that is the world of drugs and alcohol.

Highly successful workshop offered to both boys and girls.


A girl and a butterflyBody of Mine – changing

Girls bodies go through a tremendous amount of change at this time and it can be confusing and scary for some girls. This workshop explores these changes and provides an open forum for discussion on each part of the body and the changes it is going through. Puberty and self care, are all respectfully and openly discussed.

Information is power!




Business leader holding globe map


Power Up – Young Women in Leadership

Coming soon!!