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Inspiring workshops for adolescent girls

We believe that girls are surrounded by messages and a culture that dictates they must be thin, pretty and hot to have value. We will work with your girls  to deconstruct and challenge this narrative by providing them with skills and tools to question these narrow definitions and provide new healthier definitions of true beauty. 

Girl’s friendships are of paramount importance especially during adolescence, but this is often peppered with times of inclusion or exclusion. Disrespectful conflict between girls, rumours, gossip and exclusion are often part of a school culture which has negative consequences for the school, the girls and their relationships. We will work with your girls so they can have positive friendships by learning about healthy boundaries, respectful relationships, and how to foster an environment of inclusions and compassion where each girl feels valued, seen and respected.

We pride ourselves on offering:

  • An Inspiring day for both girls and teachers
  • A booking process that is easy – we do all the work for you
  • A DVD of the girls engaging in the day
  • Takeaway projects made by the girls – all resources provided
  • Teacher Resources that the school can use to continue the dialogue of the Inspire Day
  • A very special gift for each and every girl
  • An opportunity for the whole school to be involved in supporting the girls to be Inspiring

Looking for an amazing day for both your boys and girls?? Contact us for more information.

All the workshops are designed to be empowering, fun, engaging and informative and are sure to make a positive impact on girl’s lives.

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We work in schools all over Australia and also offer a complimentary program for boys called The Odyssey Program. Click on  The Odyssey Program for more details.



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